Hi I am Lycha
web & mobile app developer
Hope u enjoy my web :)


  1. I am crazy about green
  2. I like coding but I love cooking more
  3. I am modern but I love classic music
  4. I love travelling (I wish to travel around the world)
  5. I love dancing and hate football
  6. I am addicted to dark chocolate
  7. I am like a vampire (I hate sun heat)
  8. I am moody and unpredictable
  9. I am designer yet I can't do hand-drawing
  10. I am not good at playing piano yet love piano so much
  11. I am scared of clown (trauma)
  12. I love rain although I am allergic to the rain

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  • lycha.green@gmail.com
  • lychagreen
  • LychaXue
  • lycha_green

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